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Just wanted to thank you for your excellent work! I’ve been purchasing your products for a while, and while always superb, you recent releases are stunning!
Daniel Grega
I love all of the freeware and payware on If you need content this is the place to be!
Amazing work! You know you have great payware items when you import them into game and they rumble your speakers!
Billy G
I just wanted to say you all have the most amazing quality equipment on earth! Its so detailed down to the bolt. How do you make this equipment so real!!
Fred C

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Our cab’s are built with extreme precision.

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Union Pacific GP38-2 Is Here. And It’s Truly Incredible!

We are always working to make the best content for you! Don’t believe us then check out the Union Pacafic GP38-2 below. This model includes a New Cab View, New Engines Sounds, ARN (Auto Running Numbers), skin changer, class lighting, night lighting, animated couplers and hoses, amazing weathering and more!

Ditch Lights

This type of lighting did not become popular until the mid 1990’s when it became a requirement by the FRA. Some railroads choose to use these before the ruling. Our ditch lighting is controlled by in-game scripts on the newer versions of the game and by custom script for the older versions.

Auto Numbering

Auto running numbers or ARN refers to a scripted feature that allows for a set of locomotive numbers on the same model.  Its possible to have ARN on the side of the cab windows or on the main hood area of the engine.  When all said and done it adds some great realism.

Truck Detail

Our trucks are modeled with details and not just a photo. Whenever possible we use scaled drawings from various publications to help design and model the most realistic trucks possible.  Don’t believe us?  Check out our payware, we think you will change your mind.

Gyra Lights

Gyralite is a type of safety light that was manufactured by Pyle National. The lenses gyrate independently to provide a flashing effect which gives it an advantage over static headlights. Red gyralites are sometimes referred to as MARS lights which was actually a different manufacturer (Mars Signal Light Company) and is an incorrect term for Pyle lights.


Generally, we use a set of three types of weathering for each pack. From a somewhat clean to heavy weathering. You can select which one you want to use in the options when placing them in a scene.  This will help provide the most realistic approach if you are modeling HO Scale, N Scale or real life inside of trains.

Plow/Hose Detail

Couplers and hoses are animated and will connect with other locomotives automatically.  This gives the engines a entirely new life inside the game.  You will have to check out our payware items to get a idea of how!  We are sure you will not be disappointed in this small extra detail.

Class Lights

Classification Lights are an old form of signaling. They were used to help identify a train on which they were displayed. The three colors are white, green and red. White indicated an “extra” train on the timetable. Green indicated that, while the train displaying the lights was a regularly scheduled one, a second section was following behind it. Red indicated the end of a train.

Custom Cabs

Our custom cab views are created after many hours of research during which many photos are taken and collected. When possible actual measurements are taken.  This is the best way to give you the most precise and detailed cabs possible in trains.

The Turntable

The Turntable is the RRMods blog. This will display information about the different types of locomotives,
history, and other information on payware releases and more! Check out the Turntable today!

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